I Don't Know How Often To Post • We Need More Followers • Hashtags Confuse Me • We Only Seem To Get Bad Reviews • I Don't Have The Time Or Resources To Market How We Need To • Customers Ask How To Find Us Online All The Time • New Customers Can't Find Us
Paying For Online Advertising Is Scary • I Use Canva But Need Something More • We Have A Boring Business So We Can't Make Exciting Content • I Don't Know How To Sell Something Online • Our Business Needs A Facelift • We Aren't Showing Up In Search Results • I Can't Keep Employees Motivated • Our Content Just Looks Bland
I Know I Need An Email List But I Don't Know How To Build It • We're Losing Customers • I Don't Know Where To Start • We Need To Get More Involved Locally • I Need The Right People • We Can't Afford To Hire Someone For This • Things Change So Fast & I Can't Keep Up • Our Competitor Is Crushing Us